Scheme, Arrangement, Sum – Parker Kay & Michael Abel


January 16th - February 1st, 2015

Opening Reception: January 16th   7:00 – 10:00PM

Originally, the architecture of the white cube was designed in a way that would allow the gallery to melt away in order to focus the viewer’s attention towards the artwork in the space. Rather than a void space, the gallery has turned into a space that says “whatever is inside these walls is art,” which gives these architectural features great power. Parker Kay and Michael Abel examine the architectural features of a gallery space and use these materials as the basis for sculptural installation. The walls, the floor, the wood and the drywall of the gallery become the artwork, negating any need for the inclusion of traditional art objects.

This is part of the Gladstone’s Come Up To My Room 2015 (CUTMR) is the Gladstone Hotel’s 12th annual alternative design event. 25 installations, 40 artists, and 4000 visitors, and with an extended run of 10 days! CUTMR invites artists and designers to show us what goes on inside their heads. Coming together in dialogue and collaboration, participants are limited only by their imaginations, making CUTMR one of the most exciting shows in Toronto. The exhibition, curated by Jaclyn Blumas, Robert Cram and Caitlin Plewes, as been running for over a decade and was voted the People’s Choice for the 2014 Toronto Design Offsite Festival.

Parker Kay is a multi-disciplinary artist who has exhibited in Canada and the United States. Kay strives to articulate concepts in the medium best suited to do so, for the most part using video, sculpture, images, and web-based media. Much of Kay’s work responds to an Internet-aware culture, while also exploring notions of embodiment, archival practices, and experience design.

Michael Abel is an artist born in Didsbury Alberta and is based out of Toronto, Ontario. Abel’s most recent pursuits are completing his masters in architecture at the University of Toronto, and editing a publication under the idea of art and architecture production in the age of network culture, which has created a discourse that he explores in his personal artist practice.



Our Annual Holiday Print Sale and Fundraiser is here!

November 27 – December 14, 2014

RECEPTION: November 27, 7-10pm


This event is the gallery’s largest fundraiser featuring the work of over 60 Ryerson students, Alumni and Faculty. Highlights of Full Frame include work by accomplished artists Max Dean, Robert Burley, Annie MacDonell, Andrew B Myers, Vid Ingelevics & Blake Fitzpatrick, Rafael Goldchain, Justin Somjen, Robyn Cumming, Sara Angelucci, Hugh Martin, Paige Lindsay and many more.

The reception runs from 7-10pm and includes a raffle featuring fantastic prizes from our sponsors including a $250 gift card to Toronto Image Works, A Family TIFF membership including 4 admission vouchers, A collection of photo-books from Bulger Gallery, a $100 gift card at the Drake Hotel, $500 gift card at Akasha Framing, One night stay at the Gladstone Hotel and so much more! Raffle tickets will be on sale from 4-9pm.

ALSO DJ Paul Swanson will be spinning sweet sweet holiday beats from 9pm-2am.




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Cue Depth is a playful nod at indicators of depth in two-dimensional representations. The show makes light of the two-dimensional art object’s dependence on illusion to create a sense of depth, or three-dimensional space. Vickery creates wax cast blocks poured and coloured by hand, obsessively organizing them in rigid assembly-like combinations that obscure visual comprehension. Somjen uses various materials, both man-made and organic, to manifest depth cues as objects themselves. The exhibition presents an acknowledgement of the artist’s active seeking or negating of depth to expose the photograph’s role as a flat representation of three-dimensional space.

Exhibition runs: Nov 6-Nov 23, 2014
Opening Reception: Nov 6, 7-10pm

I.M.A Gallery is now the… Ryerson Artspace at the Gladstone Hotel !

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We would like to thank everyone for supporting the I.M.A Gallery all these years and hope you will continue to support us as the Ryerson Artspace! We have relocated to 1214 Queen St West, Toronto, ON M6J 1J6 at the Gladstone Hotel Artbar. Our new website is under construction and will go live soon.

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Upcoming Show: Rock Show by Paige Sabourin


Nuit Blanche Performance Oct 4th, 2014, 7PM – 2AM

Rock Show Exhibition Reception October 16th, 2014 , 7PM – 10PM

Exhibition runs October 9th – October 26th


Paige Sabourin is one of many artists showcasing in Scotiabank’s Nuit Blanche, with more than 80 independent projects by Toronto’s art community and four curated exhibitions featuring 48 projects produced by the City of Toronto. For more information, please visit:



The IMA gallery will be forced to leave our current location on the third floor of 80 Spadina and move into a new space with an intended re-opening in September 2014. Currently there are two possible options for a new home and we would like student opinion on which location you think would be more suitable. Please help us decide on a new home by clicking HERE!

‘I’m Not There’ by Saman Aghvami

Curated by: Samantha Wehbi
April 30th – May 24th, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 3rd, 2PM – 5PM

I’m Not There is a photographic project that explores the presence of nostalgic places, as memory and images, in the lives of those among the Iranian diaspora in Toronto who are unable to return to their homeland. The subjects of this photographic project are Iranians who have left their homeland for different reasons and at different times. Among the subjects are political dissidents, artists, gays, lesbians and religious minorities who were forced to flee because of persecution and, in some cases, threat of execution. This project will touch upon concepts and themes of exile and nostalgia for a home that is longed for but out of reach. As an Iranian living in Canada, Aghvami was compelled to delve into this topic, which spoke to him on a personal level. Moreover, his interest in Iran’s current politics was a strong motivation for him to think more deeply about the notion of exile and to commence this project. Continue reading

‘Mikvah: A Tradition of Purity’ by Margalit Slovin

April 2nd – 26th, 2014
Opening Reception: April 3rd, 6PM-9PM


“A miraculous compound, it is the primary source and vivifying factor of all sustenance and, by extension, all life as we know it…Water has the power to purify: to restore and replenish life to our essential, spiritual selves.” (Rivkah Slonim)

For centuries, water has been used as an integral part of religious rituals for different faiths throughout the world. These rituals are often performed in the public eye so that many can witness them. However, in the Jewish faith, there is one private ritual for a woman that involves immersion in a special pool of water, called a mikvah.

This exhibit sheds light on both the traditional and modern beauty of the mikvah ritual. The photographic series addresses three integral components of the tradition of purity: religiously observant women, the accessories needed to prepare for the ritual immersion, and the mikvah spaces themselves. The portraits are taken with unique vantage points that cleverly protect the identity of the women, while the accessories are presented in a way that elevates seemingly utilitarian objects to specialized utensils that serve a higher purpose. The mikvah images go beyond architectural interiors; they subtly reveal the detailed process involved in the ritual.

The mikvah ritual has many layers of significance, connecting generations of Jewish women. The subject matter is a delicate one; yet, Slovin’s bold photographs are also imbued with a deep sensitivity and intimacy. The photographs in this exhibit respectfully offer insight into this timeless, private tradition of purity.

Margalit Slovin is a Canadian/American photographer who recently graduated from the BFA photography program at Ryerson University. Since then, she has moved to Israel to work at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Margalit’s compelling photographic art works highlight specifics within culture, religion, and identity, often through a combination of portraits and landscapes.

Modality 2014


Work by Ryerson 3rd Year Photography Students
March 5th – March 29th, 2014
Opening reception: Thursday, March 6th, 7 – 9 p.m.

Modality is a specific way in which information is encoded for its presentation to individuals. As photographers, modality is expressed through the making and displaying of images. When dealing with a certain theme, such as the Human Subject, we think about our own experiences and this influences the creation of our photographs. As artists we rarely go out into the world and record objectively. The use of the camera gives us the opportunity to be selective and transform “raw material” into an image that speaks within a narrative of subjectivity. Our choice in how we communicate through photographs distinguishes us as artists; if everyone recorded the same way, the expressive opportunities in photography, and art in general, would be limited.

Continue reading