XII – Third Year Photography

Photographs by Don Snyder’s third year photography class

Wednesday March 6 – March 30, 2013
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 7, 6 – 9 pm

Curation Statement:
Identity. Character. Typology. Culture. Relationship. Situation. Affect. Memory. Approaching the human subject requires a delicate flexibility; it draws on empathy, understanding, and pathos. It involves a cognitive shift, moving outside of oneself and considering humanity from a broader, unique perspective. The image-maker must be engaged with critical investigations of gender, identity, objectification, and exploitation. How is it possible to distill the multitude of contradictions, complexities, and nuances that make up our existence with a mere photograph?

This catalogue is the culmination of over sixty photography students’ investigations into the human condition. Approaches vary from portraiture to landscape, from collage to digital media, from questions of authenticity and representation to the subjective and ephemeral ghosts of memory.

A sitter connects directly with their audience with a quiet tranquility, the photograph captured immediately after a moment of reflection and prayer. We are drawn into a similarly contemplative state, to consider the image, the portrait, the moment in time. Through carefully crafted black and white prints, a body is re-contextualized as an abstracted, textured landscape. Two images, one an echo of the past, another a re-visitation, create an intersection of then and now, of memory and change. Both nostalgic and contemporary, here we are invited to consider the passage of time. These are only some of examples of the ways in which the human condition has been investigated in this iteration of the Third Year Exhibition.

A debt of gratitude is owed not only to all the artists for their significant contributions but also to the design and production teams who brought all of this together – particularly, Louise McCulloch, Robbie Sinclair, JC Pinheiro, Sebastien Dubois-Didock, Beau Gomez, Brody White, Terry Williams, Mary Anderson, Haley Friesen, Sonia Cacoilo, and Turner Wigginton. Finally, a sincere thanks to Don Snyder and the Image Arts faculty; this show would not have been possible without your ongoing support and guidance.

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